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Engineering to Make-up:

Neo is an Australian company founded in 1995 by young Sydney-sider Mona Webb. Inspired by her engineering & business background and her work in Chemical giant ICI together with her interest in natural solutions and preserving the environment, with only the barest support and determination, Mona has taken her vision and moulded it to produce one of Australia's most natural Skin Solutions range Neo, Naturally Australian.

'NEO' was instigated when after having traveled overseas Mona discovered that in the early days there were no real concept stores or concept ranges focussing on primarily natural ingredients and therapies within Australia. Mona decided to gamble her savings and produce her first skin care range "Limone" as a solution for blemish, oily and acne prone skin. The early days were dedicated to hard work , working full-time as a mechanical engineer within the chemical & explosives industry in a male dominated environment, studying her MBA part-time and selling Neo's Limone range on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings to beauty therapists and pharmacies.

Determination, will-power and belief in her products, Mona convinced herself that one day Neo would be a niche Australian skin care brand. Continuing to overrun her parent's garage with packaging, products, labels, boxes and her bedroom with paperwork, and product, Mona kept her dream alive. The fact that Mona worked as an engineer and knew which chemicals to avoid in her products was something that would help Neo establish its competitive advantage within the beauty market.

In 1999 Mona launched the first natural 'Whitening Process Cream' in Australia which truly established Neo as a 'Natural Skin Solutions' brand, from then on rolling out the Rosehip Anti-wrinkle product range and Pure Body Spa range. Neo was soon increasing its market presence and is now sold to over 120 selected Healthfood outlets across Australia and is sold over the net on over 6 major websites. With continuous interest from buyers in Asia, US and Europe, Mona hopes to grow the company steadily always keeping her philosophy in mind.

Both in the early days and now, Mona has believed that great skin is also contributed to what you eat, the stresses you face in life and that less is more! As a result in 2000 Mona decided to study Ayurveda - traditional Indian medicine based on the selection of pure herbs, spices and plants. Together with her Ayurvedic teacher and specialist overseas, Mona has had a range of Herbal Tea Infusions carefully blended according to ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedies which are based on the selection of pure organic herbs that support the natural healing processes in the body.

In 2003, the teas were launched in Australia, they are now available at a number of stores and exhibitions for you to try. You can also purchase our Herbal Tea range online. With her philosophy always in mind, Mona now offers Neo Herbal Tea Infusions which are a complementing range to the Neo Organic Skincare range that completes the equation.