Product philosophy

Product philosophy

Neo Australia - Product Philosophy


The Neo Philosophy - Mona's beliefs:

Neo was established when, after having worked as an engineer in a manufacturing environment for over 9 years, founder Mona Webb's skin began to break out. Seeking organic, natural, plant based skin solutions, she formulated the Neo products as a result.

"In today's world, time plays a major role in our lives. Here at Neo we recognise the importance of time and therefore have developed products that are simple, quick and deliver skin solutions; yet, we have simultaneously maintained our interconnection with nature.

The basis of most of our products is purified water, naturally derived essential oils, pure plant extracts and vitamin rich cold pressed oils. This powerful combination, helps you maintain a balance between your own skin type plus gives you the option to enhance your natural beauty & well being.

Our formulations are alcohol free and free of animal testing. Our herbal teas are caffeine free, organic and have remedial herbs. We invite you to experience new, pure Neo - your natural Skin and Body Solutions."

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known as the traditional Indian medicine, a philosophy that promotes longevity and enhances life, Ayurveda – derived from Sanskrit words, Ayus or life and Veda, meaning science or knowledge . Ayurvedic medicine is still widely used today for its profound benefits for one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Ayurvedic treatments incorporate rejuvenation therapy, massage, meditation, body care, diet, colour therapy, exercise and yoga.

On this basis, Ayurvedic recipes and ingredients are the natural solutions for beauty and health. Skin care treatments can nurture the body, and the skin, with massage, essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs offer both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

As a result Neo stives to offer customers skin and body solutions through a combination of drinking our teas and applying our skin care. Made naturally in Australia – a new way to help promote beauty from inside out.


According to Ayurveda: it is proper digestion and assimilation of our food and drink that are essential for beautiful skin and hair. A stimulator may be Ayurvedic teas and herbs that enhance this process.


Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, Avoid sleeping on a full stomach and drink herbal teas that have a natural sedative effect. These include chamomile, passionflower, lemon verbena, valerian, seeds of anise, fennel, and dill – available in many of Neo’s herbal infusions.


The regular practice of yoga, including, deep, full breathing, relaxation techniques, practice of the postures and meditation, stretches and tones the skin and muscles. Ayurveda is the healing side of yoga, our Ginger Jiva Tea and Turmeric Tonic Tea are best after a session. Neo’s Brahmi Herbal Tea prior to yoga helps with focus. 

Facial Massage

Use a facial oil blend or Neo’s Rosehip Oil suited to your skin type and massage onto a damp face using upward circular motions. Tap the face gently, all over, use your middle finger to press down on meridians to help release toxins and improve both circulation and oxygenate the blood. Facial oils and moisturisers are best used at night.

Neo Ayurvedic Skin Types

Vata skin types ususally have an imbalance is signified by lack of tone or lustre in the skin with rough patches, chapping and cracking evident. They can suffer dry rashes, corns and calluses, eczema, brittle nails and frizzy hair with split ends.

Vata skin

Vata skin doesn’t retain as much moisture as other skin types. For that reason, adding moisture is your priority. Treatments that are warming, nourishing and toning are best for vata skin.

Pitta skin

Pitta skin types usually have an Imbalance that portrays itself in rashes, inflammation or itching. They usually have an oily T-zone, suffer premature wrinkling and can have a ruddy complexion. Acne, blackheads, white heads and general excessive oiliness can be evident. They may have discoloration of natural pigmentation.

If you have pitta skin, your treatment program should focus on calming your sensitive skin. Preparations that are cooling, cleansing and soothing.

Kapha skin

Kapha skin types usually have an imbalance that is seen as dull, sluggish, congested skin with enlarged pores, blackheads or large white pustules or cystic formations. There can be thick, oily secretion on the skin and an oily scalp.

Proper cleansing is the most important thing you can do kapha skin. Frequent deep cleansing should be the basis of your beauty regimen. Preparations that suit are warming, cleansing and stimulating.