Ginger Tea with Tulsi 75g Refill Pack

Ginger Tea with Tulsi 75g Refill Pack

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Ginger Tea with Tulsi is a lovely Ayurvedic blend of Australian ginger, Tulsi, green cardamom pods and apple - helps balance all chakra.

A special blend that helps balance your system , perfect as a yoga tea or one to help you relax and unwind. It will make you feel jiva (jiva means alive - so afterwards feel refreshed. Totally caffiene free and organically grown.

Generally our Ginger Jiva is offered after spa treatments to invigorate and refresh you. As the name Jiva suggests - it is an enlivening cup of tea!

Replenish and refill your Ginger Tea with Tulsi Jar with our Ginger Tea with Tulsi 75g Refill Pack or our Ginger Tea with Tulsi 140g Refill Pack.

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